Good holiday,first and foremost,means a safe holiday.If you intend to travel to Georgia,relax about safety issues.According to Numbeo 2016 report,Georgia is the safest country in Europe and 6th in the world.You will feel complete safety while traveling around the country.Here we say that the guest is the gift from God,so Georgians will do their best to treat you with great hospitality.Friendly Georgians are always willing to assist you.You won’t need to take extra care of your pocket and handbag.Relax and enjoy your precious time in this beautiful country.

No one will disturb you here,though,just in case,Georgian policemen are at your service 24/7.Police is one of the most truste institution in the country and about 74%of the population trust it.Georgia is ahead of European countries by this indicator.So be calm,relax and enjoy all the best things that country has to offer.We are waiting for you! Awake under the Georgian Sky!

Seeking for the ADVENTURES in Georgia?
Then Follow The following Steps!

Hiking and Trekking

Getting away from it all is easy in Georgia. The most untouched nature in Europe is for true lovers of hiking and trekking. Whether you’re following ancient trails along lush river valleys, past ancient stone towers and castles or catching your breath on high altitude mountain paths, it is likely that you will be the only person for miles around. Many paths have been maintained over the centuries by locals dedicated to looking after their cattle and livestock, and with so many trails to choose from, your walk can be as challenging or as easy-going as you like.

And what an experience. Marvel at the magnificent snowy peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, full of hidden valleys and glaciers. Lower down you come across more varieties of animals, birds and flowers than in any other European country. Wherever you walk, you’ll be sure of a warm welcome. Whether you choose to sit and drink some local wine, sample the delicious locally produced food or even stay overnight in the villagers’ homes, you’ll never be treated better.

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4x4 Adventure

Because Georgia is a compact and diverse country, there is a very small distance between completely contrasting landscapes: deserts, sea, subtropics, tea plantations, high mountains etc. Almost everything can be seen within a day or so travelling in a 4x4 vehicle. See the breathtaking scenery change with your own eyes, moment by moment, and capture the essence of what it feels like to be in Georgia.

Local off-road tours are a great choice for People who loves nature. Get ready for unique adventure to collect your once-in-a lifetime memories. You will explore the legends, history, wildlife and geology of Georgia. Drive to must-see lookout points of Svaneti and well-known landmarks including Grandview Point of Kazbegi. There is also a chance to go off-road totally, without going through beaten paths. Enduro motorbikes and safari cars wait for you to drive you really crazy!

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If you are adventurous and enjoy challenges, test yourself for mountaineering in Georgia. This country offers you the best-in-Europe climbing opportunities. Infinite mountains and snowy peaks of Caucasus build up the whole north border of Georgia.

With twelve mountains, higher than Mont Blanc and some of the most spectacular peaks in Europe among them, Georgia is becoming the mountaineers’ new favorite destination. While only the bravest can anticipate scaling over 5,000 meters at Kazbegi or Georgia’s highest mountain, Shkhara, there are a huge number of easier, lower climbs for mountaineers of various levels.

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With so many fabulous mountains, countryside and well established paths, Georgia is a perfect venue to fulfill your mountain bike ambitions. Race along high ridges or amble down elegant valleys; the choice is limitless and invigorating! The area of the country is small, so you can cover the whole Georgia within several days.

Your ride will be the safest ever with no danger animals. Rather, Georgians will meet you with the best hospitality and provide any support you need including yummy food and tempting homemade wine. You will discover the absolute contrast of breathtaking scenic landscapes on very short distances. And you don't even need to take water with you - just fill your bottle with the pure springs of running down from Caucasus mountains. Get refreshed and move on!

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Rafting and Kayaking

In Georgia there are many wild fast flowing rivers fed from glaciers in the surrounding mountains. The water races from their 5.000 meter peaks to the sea. There are a lot of opportunities for rafting there, so you can take advantage of many safely organized tours and experience this incredible adventure by yourself. No matter which part of Georgia you are visiting, you will be able to catch a flow of a cold mountain rivers.

There are the six grades of difficulty in white water rafting. They range from simple to very dangerous. Amateurs can test themselves on river Mtkvari near Mtskheta, or Aragvi in summertime, while the true lovers of extreme will get their doze of adrenaline on Tskenistkali and Enguri in Svaneti, or Rioni in Letchkhumi.

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Georgia, especially its Western part, contains an amazing array of cave systems, from underground rivers and lakes to enormous caverns and limestone scenery. Trek or ride to some of the many canyons that make up the landscape, and feel the thrill of seeing the 300 million year old dinosaur footprint on the rock. They look so fresh that you can almost believe the animals that made them are only just around the next corner.

The Tskaltubo Cave system has not yet been fully explored, but even now it offers to the adventurers the chance to go over a kilometer underground and take a boat across its enchanted lake. Professional cavers will find much for them in the Samegrelo and Imereti Regions.

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Imagine gliding through clear blue skies over the vast landscapes with scenic beauty like no other. If that interests you, look no further, for Georgia offers a safe and beautiful paragliding experience! In paragliding, you will be on a comfortable seat and have the ability to maneuver your speed and direction.

As is the case with other air related sports, you are not required to jump from high altitudes. In paragliding, a person is launched by jogging on a downward slope to gain speed and can be aborted with ease if required. Filled with high cliffs, hot sun, and icy peaks, the opportunities to catch a thermal in Georgia is overwhelming. Why not come and find that perfect spot for yourself.

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Bird Watching

360 endemic species of birds, Georgia is a bird-watchers dream. Principal migration routes through the high Caucasus and along the Black Sea corridor provide superb viewing opportunities in stunning settings.

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Hunting and Fishing

Georgia has an impressive diversity of fauna that makes this country attractive for Big Game as well as Small Game Hunters. Georgia is an important migration point for birds, passing through the border, which according to the season is a great opportunity to hunt more, than thirty different species of birds. When it comes to hunting activities of other animals and birds, there are specially located hunting farms allowing hunting across different parts of Georgia. Also Georgian lakes and rivers boast with variety of fish species. Major ones are trout, common carp, vendace, chub, crucian carp, silver carp, bighead carp and barbel.

The best places for fishing are Paliastomi and Paravani lakes, Tkibuli and Shaori reservoirs, Black Sea coast of Samegrelo region, especially Anaklia. In Alazani and Aragvi rivers you can catch catfish and carp. There are also fish farms near Kutaisi and Kazbegi, and lake resorts Lopota and Kvareli, where you are charged for fishing, but you can also rent the equipment there, and be sure that your catch is guaranteed!

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Eco - National Parks

Georgia’s natural environment is one of the most special in the world. National parks and protected areas cover more than 7% of Georgia. 75% of the all protected areas are covered with woods. There are 14 national reserves, 9 national parks, 17 suppressed, 14 natural monuments and 2 protected landscapes in Georgia.

The Georgian landscape is especially suited to eco-tourists, due to its relatively unspoiled status and absence of mass tourism. Amateur botanists or zoologists are going to find themselves in a real heaven full of rare plants and animals.

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Horse Riding

If walking becomes too tiring, you can always ride. Breathe in the pure sweet air as you gallop across the green plateaus of Southern Georgia; gasp as your horse pulls you up and over the high passes in Khevsureti or Tusheti. And at the end of the day, camp in the remotest, most idyllic of places or find a home stay to bed down for the night. Allowing you to travel into areas beyond the reach of even today’s 4x4s; you’ll understand why horses are so perfect for exploring more of the country.

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